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Experience with Making Authentic Tamales

Are you hungry for Tamales? Well you're at our website for one good reason. That reason is that you want Authentic Mexican Style Tamales. And Acapulco Tacos is here to satisfy your taste buds for true Tamales. Tamales have an excellent variety of options Chicken tamales, beef tamales and the favored pork tamales. Here at Acapulco Tacos & Burritos we provide authentic red chili pork tamales. Order Online today. CLICK HERE

Tamales for Catering and Events

Our tamales hold well for any type of special family of business event.  If you need to satisfy your guest, client or workmates alike. Our tamale catering set up is perfect for you and your needs. FOR CATERING.  CLICK HERE


Tamales by the Dozen $19.99

(please allow 2 days notice) Half a Dozen Tamales $9.99

Tamale  Red Chile pork tamale. $1.99

Tamale:  12 People Catering Package 19.99

Tamale:  24 People Catering Package $39.98

Tamale:  36 People Catering Package $59.97

Tamale:  48 People Catering Package $79.96

Tamale:  60 People Catering Package $99.95

Don't wait.  We are ready to take your orders Order now CLICK HERE


Tamales for To Go Orders

During these times.  Many people are working from home.  Or do not want to interact with others when possible.  This is why we take pride in offering Tames to go.  Acapulco Tacos & Burritos is set up for Tamales for Delivery or Tamales for Pick Up order.  

We are ready to serve you locally with the best tamales in Albuquerque.  We have fair prices and offer a good amount of food. Authentic tamales yet cheap tamale cost..  We are here to service you and make your experience one that will be remembered.   Please Order today and CLICK HERE

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