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Acapulco Taco and Burritos has been a part of the Albuquerque landscape for 45 years. We elevate traditional Mexican dishes like the taco and the burrito to something more. We serve Mexican entrees at excellent prices. Want to throw a Mexican dinner party? We can give your guests the ultimate Mexican foodexperience.

Historical Building

Opened in 1972

Acapulco Taco and Burritos opened its doors in 1972. Their first location was the building that housed Lotaburger. Acapulco has been serving delicious Mexican food since. The restaurant has long been popular with Air Force personnel stationed at nearby Kirtland Air Force Base. One of the reasons is the pricing. Dining has always been easy on the pocket at Acapulco.

Best Burritos in New Mexico

Lance and Matt Darnell purchased Acapulco in 2010. They have been running it ever since. We are proud to say that Acapulco Taco and Burritos is a locally owned, family-run business. We put much love into our Mexican food, and that is why we can lay claim to having the best burritos in New Mexico. Check out Acapulco Taco and Burritos today!

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