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Satisfy Your Taste Buds With Enchiladas By Acapulco Tacos & Burritos


Enchilada - An Authentic Mexican Food


At Acapulco Tacos & Burritos, Enchilada is served to satisfy the appetite of Mexican food lovers. It is an authentic Mexican dish, which is not only delicious but also healthy.  This Mexican food originated in 1831 in Mexico.  It’s a corn tortilla wrapped around different tasty ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, or a combination of both and sauces.   


Why Should You Try Enchiladas from Acapulco Tacos & Burritos?

Acapulco Tacos & Burritos Mexican eatery is one of the finest restaurants in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving quality enchiladas with great taste. They’ve been offering Mexican food since 1972, so their cooking staff is the most experienced in crafting authentic Mexican dishes.  You can get enchiladas in combinations with other Mexican food or A la Carte.  You can also order services from Acapulco Tacos & Burritos for your events and small gatherings.

Enchiladas Plates and Combos


Acapulco Tacos & Burritos offers enchiladas in the form of platters so that one can enjoy the taste of enchiladas with a touch of other Mexican dishes. You can find enchiladas in these combinations:

  • Puerto Vallarta - In this platter, enchiladas are served with meat, Taco, and bean burrito, for just $9.99

  • Acapulco – In this combination, Chile relleno, and red carne adovada is served with enchiladas for $9.50

  • Ranchero – Combination of Carne adovada, enchiladas, and onion sauce for $9.50 

  • Taco/Enchilada – Combination of 1 taco & 1 enchilada for $8.25

  • Enchilada Plate – Combination of 2 enchiladas, beans & rice for $8.25


You can choose your meat from our meat choices:

  • Red chile pork

  • Green chile pork

  • Shredded beef

  • Chicken

  • Carne Adovada in pork

  • Carne Asada in diced beef

Enchiladas A LA Carte


At Acapulco Tacos & Burritos, you can get your favorite enchiladas from the A La Carte section of the menu. At the moment, the restaurant is offering only one dish of enchiladas in A La Carte:


Enchilada - Cheese and red chile rolled in a corn tortilla just for $1.79


Enchiladas for Catering and Parties

For events, small or large gatherings, and parties, you can quickly get catering services from Acapulco Tacos & Burritos and enjoy enchiladas treats with friends. If your guests are Mexican food lovers, then Acapulco is the best option for Mexican food delivery. You have to tell your requirements to the management team before placing an order, and they will organize it accordingly. Make sure to serve the best enchiladas in Albuquerque to your guests or colleagues in your next meeting. 

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