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Places with Chili Rellenos in Albuquerque


Chili Rellenos for Office Catering


Office events can never go wrong with delectable Chili Rellenos on your menu. These golden chile peppers spice up every meal with their hot and tempting flavors. Luckily, Acapulco Tacos and Burritos is one of the best places for Chili Rellenos in Albuquerque. Bring the best Chili Rellenos entree to your next function with Acapulco Tacos and Burritos’ catering services. Your guests are sure to enjoy this spiced Mexican delight.


Chili Rellenos with Burritos


The best Chili Rellenos in Albuquerque tastes even better with burritos. This tortilla wrap, stuffed with rich salsa and savory ingredients, is mouthwatering for Mexican & New Mexican palates. If you’re craving Chili Rellenos now, one of the places that serve hot Chili Rellenos with burritos is Acapulco Tacos and Burritos. This hearty pair of Mexican dishes are ready to make you say ‘delicious!’


Chili Rellenos with Tacos


Where do I find Chili Rellenos near me, you say? Well, if you’re in Albuquerque, Acapulco Tacos and Burritos provide a great combination with Chili Rellenos & tacos. This crunchy and folded tortilla dish, filled with chopped vegetables and ground meat, will make your dining adventures even more flavorful. Spicy Chili Rellenos to go with tacos is surely a must-try pair to satisfy your Mexican cravings.


Best Chili Rellenos with Green Chile & Cheese

Chile Relleno with Green chile stuffed with cheese, floured and fried to perfection. Or you can try our Chile Relleno with Beans with a side of beans & cheese.  With our excellent zesty and flavorful chile Rellenos.  You will always come back to Acapulco Tacos & Burritos, a reliable restaurant that serves the best chili Rellenos.


Chili Rellenos for Group Orders & Family Functions


Are you looking for holiday food ideas? With the tradition of chile rellenos coming from the city of Puebla Mexico in 1858.  It was originally explained as  "green chile pepper stuffed with minced meat and coated with eggs".  Now that it has made its way to Albuquerque as a fan favorite.  Chili rellenos will be a perfect dish for your next holiday function or business event.


Chile Relleno to Go Orders & Delivery Orders


Over the past few years Acapulco Tacos & Burritos has developed a strong following for go & delivery orders.  Our food is always fresh, crisp and hot upon arrival at your destination.  As a local favorite with your next order.  Try our Chile Rellenos for your next event or if you just don't feel like cooking or going out to eat.  Chile Rellenos will be ideal for your next quick delivery or pick up order.

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