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Restaurants & Places with Quesadillas in Albuquerque 


Best Cheese Quesadillas in Albuquerque 


Acapulco Tacos & Burritos offers the best cheese Quesadillas for cheese lovers.  Our cheese Quesadillas are enriched with high-quality cheese and meat (chicken, beef, or pork).  You can select your choice of meat, and our experienced chefs will cook you the Quesadillas you've ever had in your life.  We're proud to say that we're one of the top Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque that offer premium quality Quesadillas. 

Cheese Quesadilla Group Orders


3 Pack / $8.97

6 Pack / $17.94 

12 Pack / $35.88

24 Pack / $71.76

Healthy Quesadillas By Acapulco Tacos & Burritos

Because we care about our customers, our Quesadillas are not only tasty but also hygienic.  We believe that health should be the priority.  We make sure that our chefs adhere to that belief and provide our customers with Quesadillas stuffed with fresh ingredients.  We hope our authentic Quesadilla would appeal to someone who is health-conscious yet loves Mexican food. 

Authentic Mexican Quesadillas at Affordable Price

We care about our customers, so we don't want our quesadillas to be an unnecessary burden on their pockets.  Therefore, our quesadillas are offered at affordable prices, allowing everyone to indulge in the taste of Mexican food.  We can also deliver your food, or you can pick it up from us.  Just give us a call with your order, and we'll have your Quesadilla ready in no time at all. 

Quesadilla Group Order

There's also the option to place a group order at Acapulco Tacos & Burritos, which is great if you're eating with friends.  In our restaurant, you'll find authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.  To order a group, you can click the button on our website's home page.  You’ll find cheese quesadilla in the A la Carte section in the menu. 

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